Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breakfast without eggs - cereal and oatmeal again?

If you have or live with an egg allergy, you are nodding your head right now to the subject of this post.  As I sit down to write this, I am cooking some steel cut oats on the stove much to the chagrin of my kiddos.  Cereal and oatmeal are standard choices in our house each morning since they are quick, readily available and most importantly...EGG FREE!

As blessed as I feel to have these morning options, they can get pretty mundane.  "What are the choices mom?"  "Cereal or Oatmeal."  "I'll have a Pop Tart." "No, that's not one of the choices."  "Well, what else is there?"  Now, some of you are probably wondering about fruit choices.  Yes, we do have grapefruit and cantaloupe some mornings which are great options.  In fact, when I am able to plan ahead, it is possible to have some egg-free variety in the mornings.
One of our favorite egg-free morning meals is Keifer and Grape-nuts.  We came across this combination a couple of years ago when my husband introduced us all to probiotic foods.  Keifer is a liquid yogurt product with good bacteria to support your immune system.  Our favorite kefir product is...

Lifeway's strawberry and blueberry cultured milk smoothies.

Since our family is not a fan of drinkable yogurt.  We pour the keifer in a bowl and add Grape-nuts for texture.  Mix it up and eat it like cereal.  Add lots of Grape-nuts for a thick mix and just a sprinkling for a bit of a crunch.  This is a fast and easy morning egg-free option that I can feel good about serving.  Although Lifeway's keifer can be found at many specialty health food stores, we have found it to be priced the best at Costco.  You can purchase a box of smaller sizes with at least two varieties to choose from.  We get about two servings out of each of those small bottles.

Now, going out to eat for breakfast is another story set with different challenges for the egg-free.  I'll save that for another post.  In the meantime, enjoy your probiotic breakfast!

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