Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New use for lice combs...hair leaf remover

In a previous post, "Don't let it be true, not lice!," I exposed my lice Kryptonite.  Before it infiltrated our family, I was completely disgusted by lice.  I always thought that I would lose sanity if we ever got them.  I did not lose it when we got them.  As moms do, I rose to the occasion and got to where I could be a lice expert.  Even though they are still as disgusting as ever to me, I can deal with them now.

If you have ever dealt with lice, you are familiar with those fine toothed lice combs.  Once your bought with lice is over, you may have thrown that comb away.  Hopefully, you boiled it and kept it because I just found the perfect "non-lice" use for it...Hair Leaf Remover!

My kids love jumping into piles of leaves during the fall.  When they come inside, their hair is covered in leaf bits.  Multiple shampoos often do not remove all the debris.  However, a lice comb will!  Just comb through their wet hair, preferably with conditioner still in it, with the lice comb.  You will be surprised by how many leaf bits you are able to remove and were still in their hair!

Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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