Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Treats become tricks at Halloween parties

No tricky treats!

It's that time of year again...Halloween!  I love dressing up, and I love seeing my kids all excited about their costumes.  Halloween is great in that you get to be someone else for a little while.  Maybe someone a bit more goofy, a bit more sexy, a bit more like a superhero...your choice.

The thing that scares me the most about Halloween are the school parties.  Yes, the kids are super cute and it's great to watch them have fun dressing up and acting goofy.  However, when the treats and snacks come out, it's a food allergy parent's nightmare!

Candy corn, chocolate bars, and donuts...Oh My!   Halloween is usually the first school party of the year, and it's the one where you will catch a lot of mistakes being made in the food department.  I have heard many parents say that kids that have food allergies should just bring their own snack.  Fine, they can do that and most probably will.  Excuse my sarcasm when I say that it certainly is refreshing to hear how accommodating adults can be.  Yes, some children go to great lengths to be unique.  However, I have yet to meet a child that feels great about being set apart due to their food allergy.

Come on people...just try to bend a little.  Changing the party a little for a child to be safe and feel included is not so hard.  The extra effort will pay off a lot more in the end.

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