Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Waiting rooms

The name says it all, waiting room.  In other words, you will be here for a long time for no apparent reason, so sit back and settle in.  When you have a child with you, the wait can seem even longer.  Not only must you occupy yourself with a hopefully interesting magazine, but you also must find something for your child to do while not touching too many things.  I just cringe when my children insist on playing with the toys at doctor's offices.  These are the places where sick people hang out, and who knows what germs are lurking about.  It's much better when your child can read, and you can just bring a book from home.

Don't you find it odd that you must arrive on time for your doctor's appointment or face a penalty, but they are very rarely on time themselves?  I finally had a nurse tell me the truth about appointments.  She said that if your appointment is at 9:15, the office really registers it at 9:30.  That way, they are not waiting around for you!

Finally, we are called back from the waiting room to see the doctor.  Or so we thought....Really, we are heading to the second waiting room.  We sat there longer than we did in the first waiting room.  How many levels of waiting rooms are there?  This is one time I am not quieting my child as she loudly states, "When can we go home mommy?  We have been here forever!"

Thank goodness for doctors, but I would rather wait at home for the appointment than in the waiting room!


  1. The advent of smart phones has really changed the waiting process in my opinion. I'm probably as guilty as anyone, but most people with Internet enabled phones can't wait in a line for 2 minutes without pulling it out and texting, surfing, emailing, or gaming. It almost eliminates any chance of talking to another person next to you. Strange how these devices create lots of lose connections to people far away, but hinder the connections to people right next to you...

  2. Interesting comment. Smart phones are great time wasters!