Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Asthma flare ups in the winter

Once the frost hits, the outdoor allergens lessen but my asthma does not!  Turn on the heat, turn on the asthma.  If you have allergic asthma, then you have been there.  A couple of rescue puffs during the day and all of a sudden you are also taking them before bed and during the night as well.  The most frustrating thing is that the triggers can be very difficult to find.  Is it the furnace kicking on?  Is it the dust stirred up from the Christmas decorations?  Pet dander trapped inside?  Scented candles?  Fireplace? 
Allergic asthma can be hard to pin point.  Sometimes all I know is that the air seems "close" and stuffy, and that fresh, cool air is what I need.  Opening a window or stepping outside in the winter, can do wonders for me in those situations. 

However, when it happens at my own home, it is particularly frustrating.  I can be fine all day and then experience a flare up haphazardly.  The best thing to do is to get started on my seasonal maintenance medication.  Generally, this will take care of the sporadic flare ups in my own home.  Singulair has been great for me.  I like it because it is not another inhaler, just a simple tasteless pill. 

If I would stay on my maintenance medication all year round, I may not feel these asthma flare ups quite so much.  However, isn't the goal of all asthmatics (after your symptoms are controlled) to get off as much medication as possible?  I think I will still stay on the seasonal plan.  I just need to be better about starting on time.

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