Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks Mom and Dad

By the title of this blog, you might assume that I am being sarcastic with this post.  I'm not.  I love Thanksgiving time since it gives everyone the chance to reflect on the good things in life.  Combine that with eating some good food and what's not to love?

Well, I'll admit that getting together with family can be as aggravating as it is enjoyable.  And, parents can be the cause of some of that aggravation.  Whether you feel that you are still not living up to their expectations, or you just don't think that they appreciate you, it has become quite common to blame our parents for our bad moods over the holidays.  Not only common, but easy.

Instead, this Thanksgiving I am giving my parents some much deserved praise.  I am blessed to have parents that are still together.  In a world where our public figures are making cheating and living together in place of marriage the norm, I am thankful to my parents for working through the hard times with each other.  Their relationship has become the foundation of our family.   Something my sister and I can count on. 

Thanks Mom and Dad and Happy Thanksgiving!

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