Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall - A love/hate relationship

I love fall!  The warm days, the cold nights, and kids are back in school.  By the time September rolls around, I am ready to begin the structured, chaos that is the school year.  You mom's know what I am talking about.  Hectic schedules are still schedules and there is something nice about getting back into the fray.  Admit it...a part of you will always laugh at that old commercial with the mom joyfully riding her grocery cart through the school supply aisle.

I also hate fall.  The colder weather and the start of school starts spreading colds around.  I have already started picking up used tissues around my house, and even took my daughter's temperature today.  On top of it all, are the ALLERGIES!  Fall is one of the worst times for allergy sufferers.  It beats out spring by a hair for us.  Although beautiful, the trees are dropping allergens all day long, and they are blowing through the air and into my house.  Since we choose not to live in a bubble, we still enjoy the days outside (with a little help from antihistamines) but keep the windows closed at night.  There's nothing like a night bought of asthma to cure you from the desire to enjoy the fresh night air through your open window.  We just enjoy the fresh autumn air during the day.

Do I love or hate fall?  It's a beautiful time of year full of pumpkins, colors, and transitions.  Also, I did name my youngest daughter Autumn.  So, I would say that love won!

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