Monday, September 26, 2011

Asthma - ugh!

It's such a laid back, lazy, fall afternoon.  The type of Sunday afternoon that I love to enjoy right before the start of the work week.  The only thing missing from this perfect afternoon is complete relaxation.  I can couch potato it up all I want, veg out with the best of them, and my lungs for some reason will not cooperate. 

As I write this, I am feeling a tightening of my chest.  I know this feeling all too well.  Right now, I can ignore it and take some deep breaths to try and calm down what is coming.  However, I know that tonight will be an albuterol night for me. 

If you have asthma, you know just what I am talking about.  Feeling good one minute, after taking your rescue inhaler, and feeling that asthma monster creep back in the next minute.  It's not always a wheeze either, and not always a worrisome register on a peak flow meter.  However, you know what is coming and know that asthma tightness when you feel it. 

As an adult who has had asthma since infancy, I don't use peak flow meters anymore.  My biggest problem is to get on that maintenance medication before the fall comes instead of waiting for the symptoms to begin.    It's so hard to stay on top of your own medical issues when you are trying your best to stay on top of your family's as well.  Right moms! 
Even flight attendants tell you to take care of yourself before taking care of your children (put on your oxygen mask first).  However, who really does this?  I'm willing to bet that most moms don't miss their child's annual well check up as often as they miss their own.  You make sure your children get their daily medications before the end of the day, but did you take yours? 

As I reach for that rescue inhaler (thank you albuterol), I realize that I should be reaching for the phone next.  Calling in my renewal for asthma maintenance medication is definitely a must.  I've done it already for my kids.

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