Thursday, February 23, 2012

I love you

This morning, I looked over at my young daughter and just had to tell her how much I love her.  "I love you (daughter's name)," I said.  She didn't even look up at me and just replied, "I know.  You tell me every day!" 

Why is it so easy to tell our children that we love them, and so much more difficult to share that same sentiment with adults?  After hearing my daughter's reply, I started thinking about the other people in my life.  Do they feel as confident about my love for them?  I know I don't tell the adults in my life that I love them nearly as much as I do my children.  I am sure they need to hear it.  It would be a good thing to do.  It just is not as easy to blurt out, "I love you," to an adult as it is to a child.  Maybe it's fear of being critized or maybe it's because it would create an awkward moment.  What would you do if your sister or brother told you they loved you out of the blue, in person?  Would it be awkward?

I venture to guess that many adults feel they shouldn't have to tell the people they love that they love them.  Those people should already know!  Your spouse should know this.  I mean you married them, the ultimate love commitment.  But is this enough?  How about e-mails that say, "I love you?"  Does that do it?  I argue that e-mails are good, but not as powerful as face-to-face declarations.  They certainly are not as awkward and are easier to do.  So, doesn't that make them mean a little less.

Valentines day may be over, but those you love in your life still need to hear you say those three little words once in a while.  I think that should have been my New Years Resolution, to say "I love you" to the adults in my life more frequently.  On that note, I could probably work on my reactions to those that tell me they love me, as well.  I hope I am not making it awkard.

So, "I love you Mom, Dad, Grandma, Kristi, Steve!"  Well, it's a start...

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